What is Perpetual Adoration?

Perpetual adoration is the practice of continuous prayer and worship before the Blessed Sacrament, which is the consecrated host that contains the real presence of Jesus Christ.

We are asking parishioners to commit to scheduling themselves for one hour per week in Adoration. Adorers would spend their one-hour shift in the Adoration Chapel, growing in their own faith while making the chapel available to others.

With your help, we can make sure Adoration is available 24/7 so parishioners and community members can come and spend time with Jesus at any time. It is a powerful way to deepen your faith and relationship with God.

Why is Perpetual Adoration important?

Perpetual adoration is a deeply transformative and enriching practice for your spiritual life. It allows you to encounter Jesus in a unique and intimate way, and to deepen your relationship with him through silent prayer and contemplation. Through this practice, you can experience inner peace, clarity, and guidance in your life.

What happens during Perpetual Adoration?

During Perpetual Adoration, the Blessed Sacrament is exposed in a special container called a monstrance, which is placed on the altar. Adorers can come and spend time in silent prayer and contemplation before the Blessed Sacrament. Some adorers may choose to bring a book or Bible to read, while others may choose to simply sit in silence and listen to God’s voice.

Adoration sign-up

St. Patrick Parish is striving to bring Perpetual Adoration back to the church; this can only happen with your help. Will you commit to spending one hour per week with Jesus in Adoration?

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Here is what adoration has done in the lives of parishioners

In their own words …

“Adoration and the Eucharist brought me back to the Church … My prayer life has grown enormously. I have renewed my love of the Rosary and the Mass. I actually know the mysteries of the Rosary by heart now! The Bible has become a joy to read. I am so thankful to the Lord for the helping me, through Adoration, to realize what a wonderful gift my faith is.

– Sharon

More stories of Adoration from our parishioners

It strengthened my family

Many of my family members had seen a spiritual change in me … I prayed that my family members would become closer to Christ so we could all feel his love and peace. Many months passed by and some of my family members started to attend church again after many years. My husband also felt something, and he attended RCIA. – Terri

It made my faith grow

Adoration has made my relationship with Christ grow by giving me a desire to learn more about the Eucharist and the Catholic faith. I have never before longed to receive Holy Communion at Mass as I do now … I hope that you will come and visit our Lord in Adoration; know that your time in Adoration with Jesus will bring to your life much more than you could ever expect; it has to mine. – Adele

It helps me persevere

My Holy Hour at St. Patrick Parish each week is like being in the eye of a hurricane. The rest of the world may be swirling around me, but for that hour there is calm. I come to adore our Lord, who is the center of the universe. I pour out my concerns and let Him hold me. He pours out His love and strength to persevere.
– Justin