An important part of our vision at St. Patrick is to “make church matter”. A large part of achieving this is taken on by the many dedicated volunteers that we have who lector, greet, handle tech, minister the Eucharist, etc. Below you can learn more about each of these particular ministries and how you can get involved. You can volunteer for as much or as little time as you have available.

Altar Serving

Is your son or daughter in Grades 4 – 12 interested in serving during Mass?

Please help them sign up to be an altar server.  We enjoy having the youth participate in Mass, and there’s no better way than becoming an altar server! We provide practical training in person to help the kids learn the steps to serving. Rest assured, they also have the opportunity to shadow a more experienced altar server in their initial days of serving.

If your son or daughter has an interest in taking an active part in the celebration of Mass, send them our way!

Contact: Deacon Doug Wells

Eucharistic Ministers

Interested in learning what goes into becoming a Eucharistic Minister?

St. Patrick is very blessed to have many lay ministers who are devoted to this very special ministry. If you are 16 years old or older, are confirmed, and are a practicing Catholic, join this team who assists in distributing communion at weekend Masses and special liturgies. Training is provided and you are able to select your preferred Masses in which to serve.

If you feel the nudge of the Holy Spirit on this ministry, we’d be blessed to you have you!

Contact: Mike Drendel

Greeter Team

Are you a warm and friendly person who loves meeting new people?

Our Greeters help make everyone, especially newcomers, feel welcome. They say hello, they open doors for guests, they smile and say “good morning.  Their mission is to make everyone who comes to our church feel welcomed and loved by us, just as they are welcomed and loved by the Lord.

If you like meeting people and helping them come one step closer to the Lord, the Greeter Team is a great place to start!

Contact: Sarah Dwinnells

Lector Team

Have you been told you have a good speaking voice, easy to hear and understand?

At Mass, the Lector proclaims God’s word to us through Biblical readings selected for the day.  The role of Lector can be performed by a confirmed Catholic who possesses the ability to read the texts with a loud, clear voice.  At St. Patrick, Lectors are given a workbook in the fall which contains all the readings for the upcoming Liturgical year; the Lector should use this resource to prepare and practice the readings for which he or she is assigned. The Lector also reads a prepared list of announcements before Mass. Training is provided and you are able to select your preferred Masses in which to serve.

If you can hear the voice of God calling you to answer Him, please do – and join our Lector Team!

Contact: Steve Grebner

Music Ministry

Are you a naturally gifted singer or musician who wants to share their God-given talent?

We are blessed to have so many talented singers and musicians at St. Patrick and we’d like to expand our team. Our choir practices every Thursday at 7 PM, and sings at the Sunday 10:30 AM Masses on the first and third Sunday of each month. Under the direction of Lucy Croft, you will be on-boarded into the appropriate spot in our Music Ministry based on your interests and abilities. We have a range of entry points for singers and musicians, so let’s work together to find the right place for you to showcase your talent!  Flexible scheduling is available.

If you sing like an angel or tickle the ivories with the best of them, that is music to our ears – come join us!

Contact: Lucy Croft

Tech Team

Do you enjoy technology and like the thought of learning how to run a sound board or flip slides in church?

The great part is, no experience is needed! Our Lead Tech will set up training as needed, and you will have the opportunity to shadow a more experienced tech person to learn the ropes. You’ll help run Tech during Masses and there will be other events needing Tech that you have the option of helping with. You have the flexibility to select your schedule and can help as much or as little as you like!

If you love Technology and would like to learn more about putting your passion to use, the Tech Team is the place for you!

Contact: Scott Robowski