Family formation is designed to provide parents and children with an opportunity to grow in faith together.  Parents are the most significant influence on the religious and spiritual outcomes of young people. The primary way by which Christian identity becomes rooted in children’s lives are the day-to-day religious practices of the family and the ways parents model their faith and share it in conversation, collaboration, and exposure to outside religious opportunities.  The family is the primary community where Christian faith practices are nurtured and practiced. (American Catholic Religious Parenting – Smith and Bartkus)

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Samantha Santay
Director of Student Ministry
Phone: 630-553-6671 ext. 12


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Family Formation for K-6 at a glance:

What is it?

This program is a family model for parents and children in K-6. The goal is to ultimately see the fruits of the families commitment as their children grow and pass on the Catholic faith to their own families.

When do we meet?

Once a month gatherings will be held Sundays and Wednesdays. Each family will choose one session to attend each month. 

How will the monthly meetings work?

Families will gather as a whole group to start.  Then, parents will stay gathered together to engage with other parents, learn from each other, and be equipped with resources and ideas to implement at home. Children will be participating in a fun-filled program that brings the Gospels to life in age appropriate groups.  

What will we need to do from home?

Parents will receive a handout at each monthly meeting that includes conversation starters, videos, and activities that they will work on together as a family at home for the rest of the month. At home families will also review the child’s Pflaum Gospel Weeklies. 

Families will write a reflection once a month about their experiences. (Some months, this could include filming a short video or taking a picture to share at the next monthly gathering). There will be optional playlists that include: videos, podcasts, crafts, etc. for families who want to incorporate more throughout the month. Families will also participate in Family Mass Reflections twice a month. This model will also include a service component that families will participate in two times throughout the year.