St. Patrick Parish, located in Yorkville, Illinois, is an active Catholic Church with over 2,000 parish families.

Our Pastor since 2009, Fr. Matthew Lamoureux, MIC, is with the Order of the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception.  Fr. Matt is assisted by Deacon Doug Wells, Pastoral Associate, Deacon Dale Metcalfe, Deacon Bill Johnson and Deacon Victor Puscas along with other liturgical and administrative team members.

Our Parish Vision

Transforming Lives

This is the fruit of our Parish Vision. It is when someone with little or no faith has been introduced to Jesus Christ and they believe and humbly accept Him into their lives. Jesus’ mission is for all people to know and to love God.

Making Church Matter

Helping people feel comfortable and welcomed at our Masses, ensuring that the words to prayers and music are readily accessible, that they are moved by an inspired homily, uplifted by beautiful music, and leave with a desire to want to come back.

Building Disciples

We want to inspire, motivate and equip our parishioners to go out and speak about their faith to the unchurched and de-churched. Whether through prayer, serving others through ministry, or entering deeper into their faith through Bible studies or other opportunities to grow, we want to make disciples among us. In doing so, we want our financial resources, God-given talents, and hard work to make a difference towards these disciple-making goals.

Seeking and Saving the Lost

Jesus gave us the task of discipling all nations (Matt.28:18-20). If we are to follow His mission of evangelization, we cannot wait for those who do not know him to arrive at our church doorstep.  Rather, we must be actively seeking those around us, family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and acquaintances who do not know Christ so we can help them to know Him.  

Parish Life


Sharing your gifts and talents is a great way to evangelize without saying a word! The parish is also home to dozens of ministry groups that are open for you to share your time and talents while making connections with others in the parish.

Faith Formation

The first catechists in any child’s life are the family members with whom he or she lives. Our goal is to create a program of lifelong faith formation that is centered in and flows out of the events of Church life. We want to make church matter in the lives of our young people. Church life embraces all ages and generations, promotes faith growth at home and promotes participation in the life of Christ.

Faith Formation at St. Patrick Parish comes to families through two formats: Family Formation for Grades K-6 and Coming Together Nights for Grades 7-8.


Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the basics of Christian faith in a fun, pressure-free environment. Each session includes watching a short film followed by a discussion where you can share what you think with a small group of people just like you. The course is offered several times during the year, is free to attend, and offers an opportunity to get to know people in the parish.

Our History

St. Patrick Parish church was erected and dedicated in Bristol in 1885.  In 1948, Bishop Martin McNamara of the Diocese of Joliet invited the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception to take over St. Patrick.  Land was obtained in the 1980s to accommodate the future growth of St. Patrick Mission.

A large parish center was built and dedicated in 1988 on the property at 406 Walnut Street in Yorkville.  The last mass celebrated at the church in Bristol was on Palm Sunday, 2000, after which the doors were locked and the Eucharist was carried in a procession to the parish center in Yorkville.

Construction began on a new worship space adjoining the parish center in July of 2000.  On February 15, 2002, Rev. Bishop Joseph Imesch celebrated the dedication of the new building and designated the 117-year-old Mission as an official parish.  The founding pastor was Rev. Jerome Zalonis, MIC who served until June of 2007 when the Rev. Dan Cambra, MIC, was appointed pastor.  Rev. Matthew Lamoureux, MIC, was named pastor of St. Patrick Parish in 2009.