We are excited to announce that our registration will open on August 2, 2021!  Further information will be posted then with more instructions and information!


We are seeking people to join our team for faith formation!  Please click here for job descriptions.  

General information regarding our opportunities for growing in faith together:
The family is a proclamation of faith in that it is the natural place in which faith can be lived in a simple and spontaneous manner…it is a Christian education more witnessed to than taught, more occasional than systematic, more ongoing and daily than structured into periods. (DC 227)

Family Formation Model

  • focus is on parents and children in K-6

Coming Together Nights

  • junior high students, focus is on children who are in 7-8th grade

For all sacraments, our families must be participating in the models above, depending on your family situation, for at least two years in order to receive a sacrament.

First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion:

  • Separate classes are offered in “year two” during the springtime.
  • Sacraments will be received in the spring.


  • Separate classes are offered in “year two” during the springtime.
  • Sacrament will be received in the early fall.

Further information regarding our programs will be posted late July as well as our calendars.

For further inquiries please call the office at 630-553-6671