The Lenten season is a time of increased prayer, fasting and almsgiving in preparation for Christ’s resurrection at Easter. Check out these additional resources you and your family could use to go deeper in your faith.


Activated Disciple 40-Day Challenge with Jeff Cavins from Ascension Press will help you become more like Christ as you cultivate the eight characteristics that are the most important in the life of a disciple: love, selflessness, forgiveness, kindness, humility, attentiveness, patience, and contrition. This challenge will help take your faith to the next level. This challenge comes with a journal, a book, online video access for a whole year, and an online journal. Get your copy here.

Ascension Press has a book called The Ascension Lenten Companion with Fr. Mark Toups. This book combined with the FREE weekly video series on Ascension’s website will provide you with “scripture, contemplative meditations, sacred art, and inspirational prayer exercises to create a unique retreat experience that will take you deeper into your relationship with Jesus and will help you experience Lent in a way you never have before.” Get your copy here.

No Greater Love: A Biblical Walkthrough Christ’s Passion with Dr. Edward Sri from Ascension Press will guide you through the last hours of Christ’s life. You will walk step-by-step with Jesus from the garden of Gethsemane to Mount Calvary. Every step of the way, Old Testament prophecies, messianic expectations, biblical symbolism, and historical context shed light on the mystery of Christ’s suffering and death. This study comes with a journal and a book or online video access for a year and an online journal. Get your copy here.

Free Daily Email Reflections

Bishop Robert Barron from Word on Fire Catholic Ministries emails FREE daily reflections on the Gospel during Lent. Read the Gospel each day and reflect on how it applies to your life today. Sign-up here.

Fr. John Burns with FORMED invites you on a pilgrimage this Lent using “Return”. Fr. John will guide you through the most difficult season of the Church, yet also the most transformative. Are you ready to enter the desert and experience the richness of the Paschal Mystery? View the FREE videos here.

Lenten Adventure from Holy Heroes has FREE daily email reflections, videos, and printable activities for the whole family. The program makes learning about the faith fun for kids of all ages. Sign-up here.

Lenten Streaming with Dr. Scott Hahn of St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology. Register for the FREE Lenten video streaming series, led by Dr. Scott Hahn and Dr. John Bergsma, on “Exodus and Exile”. Through this series, you will listen through the book of Exodus and, like the Israelites, be led on the way from your earthly exile to your heavenly home. Sign-up here.

Matthew Kelly from Dynamic Catholic puts together a FREE Best Lent Ever series every year. This year, he will be going through the book, “33 Days to Eucharistic Glory” which is a historical journey to Eucharistic Consecration. At critical times throughout Salvation History, God’s people have been invited to consecrate themselves. We are at one of those critical times in history, and consecrating ourselves, our families, our country, and indeed, the whole world to the Eucharist may make all the difference. Each day, you will receive a free short video in your inbox from Matthew Kelly.  Sign-up here. There is also an option to buy the book to go along with it.

The Wild Goose has two free video series coming out this Lent. The first is My Father’s Father with Fr. Dave Pivonka who journeys home to reflect on the urgent need to know God as Father amidst the backdrop of his hometown and the relationship he shared with his dad. This poignant documentary series explores the transformative impact of embracing our inheritance, unraveling the intricate tapestry of fear, doubt, shame, and brokenness to reveal a loving Father– for each of us. Watch here. The second is The Mysteries of the Rosary – Sorrowful Mysteries which integrates deeply reflective insights on the life of Christ, theological truths, and captivating stories together with breathtaking scenery from the Holy Land, illuminating sacred art, and inspiring music. Watch here.